Sacrifice is a Pain


Sep 2014

Sacrifice is a Pain

Posted by Rochelle Marasa

 at 6:12PM

So much of what we can accomplish depends on our willingness to make the sacrifice required to get there.

Early on in our lives, we are taught to avoid pain.  Pain is bad.  Pain hurts.  Let’s not do anything that causes pain.

Funny – the things that we naturally cleave to, and the things that we admire most in other people are often so very different.

We tend not to admire those who do everything in their power to avoid pain – but we admire, praise and emulate those who have found a way to bear pain – in other words, sacrifice – and grow through the experience.

As we mature, we come to terms with the fact that a certain amount of pain is going to come upon us.  And we usually come upon it while we are on a worthwhile path.  But there it stands, between us and our goal.

When it comes to hitting our ideal weight, fitting into an old pair of jeans, training for a race or losing five pounds – these goals require a certain amount of pain and sacrifice to get there.

Sometimes though, the pain is too much of an obstacle.  We don’t hit our goal – life distracts us – we give up and fall short.

The consequence of giving up, in my opinion, is real pain.  The pain of NOT arriving at our ideal weight.  NOT fitting into our pants.  NOT signing up for the race…

It’s been said that we are going to struggle with discipline, or we are going to struggle with regret.  Yes sacrifice is a pain – but it’s so much easier than the alternative.

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