Life Balance



For such a simple word, why is balance so difficult to maintain? Especially during the Christmas season we seem to get pulled in several different directions while trying to please those around us. It’s tough to find time for ourselves.

In personal training, balance is one of the most overlooked aspects of a fitness regime. So often, we hear about targeting “problem areas.” People want a flatter stomach, larger biceps, toned legs – but pursuing fitness is not just about isolating body parts for aesthetics. All good things come, when we pursue balance in our bodies and in our lives.

Balance doesn’t necessarily mean having everything in equal measures. That’s probably an unrealistic goal for most people. There are times when some areas of life will require more attention than others.

In physical terms, balance means having your centre of gravity over your base of support. I think that’s a great way of describing emotional and spiritual balance as well.

Overall, it doesn’t take much time, it just takes recognition. Recognizing what’s most valuable to you in life and making decisions based on those values.

Align your base of support with your centre. Look for congruence in your core beliefs, thoughts and actions. This is the path to balance.

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