“I’ve said to people before that I’m going to do my very best to make it, I’m not going to give up. But I might not make it… if I don’t, the Marathon of Hope better continue.”

This year marks the 37th anniversary of this incredible man’s Marathon of Hope. If there was ever a runner to admire, it’s Terry Fox.

To Canadians, he makes up part of the fabric of this country. His annual run is held every September on the second week after Labour Day. This was the time that he had to stop running… and the rest of the country started running for him, and more importantly, what he stood for.

“I got satisfaction out of doing things that were difficult. It was an incredible feeling. The pain was there, but the pain didn’t matter.”

Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy? Every year, his legacy builds, as millions of Canadians run for the cure.  He left something behind that was greater than himself. To get up every single day, and run is more than most people can manage. To get up every single day, and run across the country… with an amputated leg… while fighting cancer… well this is the stuff that heroes are made of.

“I believe in miracles. I have to.”

When I see the statue of Terry Fox, it brings a tear to my eye every single time. He fought for more. He fought for what he believed in. He didn’t let excuses stop him, until the illness overtook him and he was forced to abandon the run. It makes me take a hard look at my life, and at the areas I need to work on.

“People take it the wrong way when I say I want to run alone. But I have to do it my own way. I have to really concentrate to ignore the pain and keep going. Sometimes I’m actually crying while I’m running but I just don’t think about it.”

What motivates me the most, is that he was just an ordinary person who lived his life in an extraordinary way. In my mind, he is without doubt the greatest Canadian who ever lived. He got up and put one foot in front of the other every single day, even though if anyone had an excuse to stay in bed, it would have been him.

There is no training tip in this blog. Instead, it is an ode to a man whose life was lived with meaning and purpose, and whose legacy is something many of us dream of leaving behind.

Mr. Fox, thank you. 37 years later, the sound of you pounding the pavement still echoes in our hearts.

“I want to try the impossible to show it can be done.”

If you are reading this, I hope that Terry Fox inspires you to chase after what you believe in. I hope he motivates you to put your foot down for a cause close to your heart. I pray he helps you to realize that when you stand for something greater than yourself, the whole world will get behind you and hold you up.

“I wish people would realize that anything is possible if you try.”


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