Why compression gear for runners is worth a look

If you ever see me running along the beach, you will probably see me wearing my bright pink compression socks. This isn’t just for style, there is a very strong scientific basis for compression gear. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out SKINS.

I absolutely loved them. Here are a couple of reasons why SKINS are my new go to for training this season.

Faster removal of lactic acid

Studies have shown that compression gear can reduce lactic acid concentrations during some running activities. The metabolic pathways that convert glucose into energy are not as efficient when exposed to an acidic environment.

Better muscle oxygenation and venous return

Compression gear applies pressure to the muscles and veins in the legs which helps to improve blood flow back to the heart. The extra pressure on the blood vessels cause them to open more forcefully. This allows the circulatory system to operate more efficiently.

Reduced muscle oscillation

When your feet pound the pavement, the muscles in the legs sway rapidly because of the impact. This vibration effect, known as muscle oscillation, can cause muscle damage during strenuous exercise. While not likely to cause injury, this can contribute to muscle soreness and increase recovery time.

With compression clothing, the muscles are held more firmly in place during exercise which can reduce the effects of muscle oscillation.

Temperature Control

As the Fall season starts upon us, little shorts and tank tops are not going to cut the mustard. Runners have a notoriously difficult time controlling temperature because the heat produced by our body can vary drastically from the start to completion of a training run.

Having a tight layer against the skin is a great technique to keep warm without the hassle and distraction of baggy clothing. It also offers less wind resistance when running at high speed.


When it comes right down to it, all the science in the world is not going to mean much if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing. What I love about the SKINS, is how they feel when I run. I don’t get any chaffing or uncomfortable friction. They allow me a full range of motion but seem to hold everything in place.

All in all, compression clothing like SKINS offers a lot in terms of health, recovery and performance benefits. They also offer a very durable and comfortable product, which is why I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the market for some compression gear.

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